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About the company

About the company
District of Pszczyna has plenty of saw mills, however, "TARTAK BIAŁAS Sp. J." in Studzionka, which was founded by Mr. Jerzy Białas in 1990 is unique. First of all, it is the largest and most modern sawmill in Silesia.

It consists of two frame saws, fully computerized, where a log can at the same time be cut into planks and squares by a properly programmed multi-saw, and then properly sorted. Next to them there are drying chambers of a total capacity of approximately 500 m3 of timber and the joinery, which are heated with own waste and sawdust. The company also produces electricity from renewable sources (biomass), from which the wood gas is extracted, which drives a generator with a capacity of 45 Kw.
The company's annual output is approx. 14 thousand cubic meters of timber. The sawmill produces impregnated roof framing, woodwork, patches, soffit, floors, planed elements - on special order, practically we are able to take on any challenge. The most commonly used wood is spruce, pine, larch, oak, beech, ash and increasingly popular - alder.
Many products and semi-finished products are for export, inter alia, for years we have been exporting specially wood cores for the manufacture of skis, snowboards, kiteboards to the Polish, American, Czech, German and Canadian companies. The company has established cooperation with Spain, France, Romania, Lithuania, Italy, Sweden, Hungary, Great Britain and Japan. The wood delivered to the customer is of the highest quality guaranteed by the company Tatak Białas Sp. J..
Good reputation, enjoyed by this company is undoubtedly the owner's merit, but as he says it is a great merit of 40 - person crew, of whom he is very proud. The sawmill is visited by many professionals in the industry, and the recent visit of the representatives of the Institute of Wood Technology in Warsaw led to binding cooperation within the internship, which students took and will take in the future. 
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